Credit Correction

One Catastrophe or mistake can haunt you for years on your credit report. Showing up 2, 3, 4 or 5 times, depending on how many times the bad debt was sold. Our computer credit report correction system communicates directly with the bureaus’ computers and detects the inaccurate remarks. When inaccurate remarks are deleted, scores tend to rise!

Real Client Results – 90 Day Process
Individual Results Will Vary

Report Status             Initial Pull         Round 1                    Round 2
Process Time                                     (45 Day Process)     (45 Day Process)
Credit Report Date     Jan 6th, 2012   Feb 4th, 2012          Apr 2nd, 2012
Experian                     530                   566 (+36)                 667 (+101)
Trans Union                540                   656 (+116)               671 (+15)
Equifax                        595                   617 (+22)                 624 (+7)

Round 1
Asks basically for proof of the debt.
Most junk debt buyers cannot provide the required documentation:
21 items deleted – erased a little over $11,000 of erroneous debt

Round 2
Goes after the creditors reporting deceptively and reports directly to the government agency monitoring violations. 9 more items deleted – erased a little over $9,000.

The credit report correction system deleted just over $20,000 of erroneous debt off this persons credit report in 90 days.


Call R&R Tax and Bookkeeping’s Credit Correction Partners, D&G Credit LLC at 1-800-581-8381.


This is NOT a letter writing campaign used by credit repair companies. It’s raw data; no human hands touch your file. Only ONE GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID is required – nothing confidential kept on premises.

We’ve been certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators to help with the legitimate accounts that remain on your credit report. The client in the example had 5 collections accounts left – 4 just happened to be with the same collection agency, just over $4,500 of valid debt. We guided our client in the settlement process and got the debt to $1,500.mitigated.

If you Don’t know how to word the paperwork correctly, the collectors CAN sell the balance.

Most people aren’t aware of this. As a matter of fact, they tried to trick our client twice, but with our guidance, they were unsuccessful and finally did the verbiage correct.

Creditors count on ignorance and intimidation to hold you back. We offer education and guidance. The truth will set you FREE!

Credit Score Chained down by OLD Collections? DON’T FRET; Call R&R Tax and Bookkeeping’s Credit Management System. We Kill Zombie Debt!